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About BITContract.cc

We are a platform that manages the assets of our clients. All transactions between our investors are carried out using the bitcoin currency, which gives everyone: speed, security and anonymity of all transactions.
We have extensive experience in trading on global exchanges, we use specialized tools that allow us to achieve amazing results reaching up to 20% per day.
We manage assets of our investors, working almost 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day to allow some profits from investments and funds entrusted to us.
We trade on many levels, mainly the cryptocurrency market, but not only. When we have the right rate of growth, we also invest on traditional stock exchanges.
We use every opportunity to maximize profits, giving our investors confidence in achieving profits of 9% -13% per day.

BIT Contract Ltd.

  • Company Registration Number #11353528
  • Address 8 Brackenbury Road, W6 0BE London
  • E-mail admin@bitcontract.cc
  • Phone +44 2035149394

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